Open House | Sep 27th | 5:30-7:00 PM

How do our students spend their day?  What do they do with the mysterious wooden materials on the shelves?  We invite families to join us to explore the environment through a child’s eyes, and to learn more about the three year Primary cycle at the open house event we call a Journey of Discovery.

It’s a wonderful event where parents can connect with other families in the community and learn more about how our educational approach fosters capable, well-rounded students and sets the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. Feel free to bring along any friends or family members who may be interested in learning more!

While adults are exploring the classroom, child care will be provided at no cost for children ages 2 and up, including cheese pizza with fresh fruits & veggies.  (Be sure to arrive a few minutes early if you plan to utilize child care, so you don’t miss out on time in the classroom!) .  RSVP is appreciated, but is only required when child care is requested.

Have You Seen Our Infant Program?

If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at our Infant Program in Rooms 3 & 4, you’re in for a treat!  This lovely, peaceful classroom is adorned with natural materials, infant-sized furniture, inviting textures, and an unmistakeable home-like feel.  Opportunities abound for students to practice new skills (like stair climbing!) and to foster curiosity in the world around them (through activities like bird watching!).

Ms. Meaghan Nichols, Infant Head Teacher, brings several years of Montessori leadership experience to our newest age group, along with her trademark humor, warmth and enthusiasm.  We can’t think of anyone better suited to build a foundation of Montessori learning with students as young as 6 weeks of age.  Our students and their families seem to agree!

I have been very pleased with The Growing Place Montessori so far. My daughter recently started in the infant program and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. My wife and I both work full-time so finding a preschool with a great infant program was a must. When I toured TGPM I was almost instantly sold. The room was very clean but didn’t look plain and sterile like most other classrooms. The room was filled with learning tools and structures for playing, and when the Montessori method was explained to me by the owner, Dilip, it made complete sense and I wished I had been brought up like that. My daughter was immediately taken with the teacher Ms. Meaghan, who has been great to work with. I’m amazed at how much my daughter has learned and how fast she is learning. She’s excited to go to school each day and is even sad when it’s time to leave for the day! I would highly recommend The Growing Place Montessori to any parent. It’s a great place for children to grow and become independent.

-Ryan R., 3/28/18

Our youngest students are busy, busy, busy!  They may be small, but our infant students are learning to control their body movements, to communicate with others, to take care of their personal needs, and to express their feelings.  There’s no better place to grow these skills than in a loving, prepared environment full of enticing materials just their size.

It’s nothing short of amazing to see how quickly our infant students move from being helpless and dependent to moving freely and mastering the challenges placed before them!  To learn more about our infant program, plan a visit or read on.