Our Team is Pretty Special.


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The Growing Place Montessori has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1999.  Care taking is what we do best, and that includes ensuring that our team is well-supported and always equipped with the right tools for the job.  By fostering a healthy working environment and offering wages that surpass industry standards, we ensure that our greatest investment lies in the people that make up the heart of our community.

Montessori has given me the opportunity of growing as a professional and a mother. I love The Growing Place community, children, and staff, and feel blessed working here. {Ms. Viviana, Assistant Teacher}

Taking Care of Others is What We Do.

Work-life balance is something we value and actively promote.  As working parents and early childhood educators, the well-being of children and families is our focus.  Our classroom teaching staff is supported by full-time staff substitute teachers that are prepared to serve students, families, coworkers, and classrooms with minimal impact during instances of planned and unforeseen absence.  Generous paid sick leave, paid holidays, medical/dental/life plans, considerable tuition discount and 401(k) with employer match are but a few additional benefits that make our team a supportive place to teach and learn.

Don’t we all appreciate a lovely, well-maintained environment? Our clean and orderly surroundings minimize illness and denote a positive and productive workplace.  Our full-time custodian partners with teachers, knows students by name, and is personally invested in promoting their health and safety.  Four well-equipped resource rooms contain all of the books, art supplies, practical life materials, décor, puzzles, Montessori jobs, and equipment you could imagine.  It’s a creative teacher’s dream!

I am so grateful for TGPM and their values. Their concepts are so rooted in personal success in all areas and having the opportunity to teach and learn these values myself is absolutely wonderful and refreshing.  {Ms. Pamela, Assistant Teacher}

No Experience? No Problem.

We encourage those who are new to the field to consider early childhood education as a meaningful and rewarding career path.  Promising applicants are invited into a classroom to evaluate the match for temperament, teaching style, goals and values prior to accepting a job offer.  When new team members join us without child development or Montessori training, we prepare them for success by pairing employer-paid higher education courses with our comprehensive 90-day training program, one-on-one mentorship, Positive Discipline training, and professional development.

I consider my first day in a Montessori classroom at TGPM to be a very pivotal moment in my life. Seeing children in this type of environment has opened my eyes to how capable children really are. Montessori was the missing piece in how I wanted to teach and eventually raise my own children and I am so grateful.  {Ms. Gabriella, Assistant Teacher}

Is Our School Right for You?

Ours is an environment of collaboration and growth. Teachers come to us from many backgrounds, with varying levels of experience and exposure to the Montessori method. We value this rich diversity, and feel that every member of our team has something unique to offer.

I feel so privileged to be able to say I work with children all day. Finding this school and the Montessori method has taught me just how capable and independent children are even at such a young age. I am always surprised by the things I see and hear when observing my students. This school community has become not just a job, but an extension of my family.  {Ms. Jessicca, Head Teacher}

Full- and part-time positions are posted throughout the year. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, obtain criminal background clearance, have a strong commitment to learning and personal growth, and be capable of the duties required for the position. If you’re looking for a supportive, fun, inspiring place to work and grow, we welcome your application!


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I love the way our school uses the Montessori theory and materials but also allows us to be progressive and ever changing. It allows room for creativity and new perspectives constantly, while using our different personalities, strengths and cultures to our advantage.  {Ms. Callie, Head Teacher}