Catching Up with TGPM Alumni: Maxi Fujiwara

We would like to introduce you to a special TGPM alumna: Maxi Fujiwara! Maxi attended our program from 2003-2007, before moving out of state with her family.

“My name is Maxi Fujiwara and I’m a nineteen year old college student pursuing an English major at Arizona State University.”

What did going to The Growing Place Montessori feel like?

“Attending TGPM was a new learning experience every day that aggrandized my pursuit for knowledge.”

What did you enjoy about coming to school?

Coming to school wasn’t a chore, it was a fun-filled experience from morning to afternoon. I loved how caring all my teachers and peers were.”

In what ways do you consider yourself to be a well-rounded individual?

“High school and college academics force you to be a punctual and hardworking individual, and without the foundation of TGPM I would not have those traits. I have respect for myself as a student to always try my best and give my best effort. Growing in an environment that fostered my interest for learning prepared me greatly for life.”

What is your opinion of Montessori now that you’ve had experience in other learning environments?

“I truly believe that because I attended TGPM I was far better prepared for life and higher academics than my peers. Going from Montessori to a more rigid learning style that involved sitting in desks for 6+ hours, I can say TGPM fostered my learning far superior than other elementary schools.”

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