We’re A Breastfeeding-Friendly School!

Ready for some great news for new mamas?  The Growing Place Montessori is excited to have partnered with Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego to become a vocal advocate for breastfeeding in our community!  Too many of us can relate to the challenges of breastfeeding outside of our homes – discomfort, judgement, awkwardness, and shame are all too often unwelcome counterparts to feeding and comforting our hungry babes.  And to that we say: No thank you – not at our school!

Check out the recognition our team has recently received from UCSD Community Health for our efforts to create a warm and welcoming environment for breastfeeding families. We are proud of our work to create policies and craft an environment that supports and protects breastfeeding for our staff members and the mamas in our community.  Please join us in acknowledging our administrative team and infant program staff for taking the lead on this project to grow awareness and support for this vital practice of parent-child bonding and infant nutrition.

If you haven’t yet visited our infant program, we invite you to learn more or to schedule a tour online!

Whether or not you are nursing a child, our children, families, and communities are stronger when we come together in solidarity to support breastfeeding.  Please join us in spreading the word about Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego and their mission to increase the number of breastfeeding-friendly child care environments in San Diego County!

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